Component Parts

Your Beckson Thirsty-Mate Hand Pump is designed to give you years of dependable service.  You may need an extra foot or a new hose or shaft.

A full listing of component parts is available here on the Beckson website.

Tips and Hints

If the pump becomes clogged, remove the foot and clean.  The foot is easily removed by heating it, either with hot water or a hair dryer, and peeling it off.  To replace the foot, heat it again and it will slip on easily.  Make sure the foot is seated over the roll at the end of the body.  Once the foot cools, it will not fall off.

Hoses are easy to install.  Grip the body and twist the hose.  It is a LEFT handed thread.  When installing the hose make sure the threads have griped the hose by giving it a strong tug.

If you need to change the handle and shaft, pull the foot off and push the broken shaft out.  To install a new shaft, insert the new shaft from the bottom of the body.  insert a pencil or a thin screwdriver into the upper sleeve to help guide the shaft through the sleeve.  The handle can be solvent welded with PVC cement or just attached with the included screw.

If the pump is to be stored for any length of time, please give it a couple pumps of fresh water to clean any debris out.   The pump should not be stored for any length of time under a tight bungee cord.  

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